Navigating your way through the business analyst profession can be daunting without some knowledge and savvy. Whether you are simply interested in a business analyst career or a current business analyst interested in honing your skills, the books below will prove to be of tremendous value to you:

Career or Entry-Level Books

How to Start a Business Analyst Career: A roadmap to start an IT career in business analysis or find entry -level business analyst jobs

How to Start a Business Analyst Career is an excellent book by Laura Brandenburg and is intended both for current entry-level business analsysts and for those who are interested in a business analyst career but may not fully understand how to enter the profession. Many people may have the education or experience necessary to make the transition to business analysis but lack the knowledge about the entry points to the profession. This book fills in those knowledge gaps and provides you with the knowledge and skills to successfully market yourself as a business analyst, from resume preparation, to identifying positions and navigating the interview process. The book also includes stories from other professionals who made the jump. This book is a great read for anyone with a serious interest in the profession, and rated a solid 4.5 stars on Amazon.

The Business Analyst’s Handbook

The Business Analyst’s Handbook is the quintessential handbook for both current and aspiring business analysts. Those who are interested in becoming a business analyst will be able to use this book to immerse themselves in the tools, methods and terminology that is specific to the business analyst profession. This will give you a leg up during the interview, especially for those with no practical experience as a BA. The handbook is also extremely useful to those already in the field, as it can serve as a ready “manual” for your job. The book provides plenty of templates, tables, lists, tools, diagram examples and checklists to help you do your job like a seasoned professional. This book was highly regarded by readers, rating a strong 4.1 stars on Amazon.

The Business Analyst’s Survival Guide

The Business Analyst’s Survival Guide is intent on making you a successful business analyst. To become successful, you must possess the ability to effectively assess interpersonal dynamics and utilize your knowledge to employ the right techniques – at the right time and for the right situations. This book equips you with the framework to analyze most situations you will face as a business analyst and help you to identify the correct approach. The business analyst profession is one that is replete with challenges that are unique to the career field – this book teaches you how to deal with them. For those seeking entry into the profession, this read will improve your ability to answer those complicated situational questions that are bound to be included in your interview. Readers ranked this great resource a 4.7 out of 5 on Amazon.