Getting a Business Analyst Position With No Experience

Today The BA Guide is covering another question that I get asked by aspiring business analysts all the time and that is how can I land my first business analyst job with no previous business analyst experience. And this is one of those chicken-and-egg things, because the business analyst positions are asking you for to have some type of experience being a business analyst.

But how can you have experience being a business analyst, when you can’t land a business analyst position? How to successfully pass the required ATS Resume Test? After all, before your resume catches the eye of a recruiter, it is checked by the ATS system. And at this point there should be the necessary keywords and a required list of skills included at this stage. It’s a tough one question, but I’ve got a solution for you.

Previously holding the title of business analyst isn’t necessary for you to have experience as a business analyst. Within the job posting that you’re looking to apply for, they’re gonna have a ton of gold nuggets of information as to what they’re looking for in various skills. A lot of those are related to business analysis obviously, but you can learn those in other career paths.

Business Analyst skill sets

1. For example, they may ask you to be a great communicator in there. If you were previously in sales, then  guess what? You know how to communicate with people, that’s your job when you’re selling stuff.

2. They want you to know how to negotiate? That’s wonderful. If you were a police officer or a correctional officer, you are having to negotiate with people all the time and you’ve learned really well on how to negotiate.

3. They’re asking you to know how to teach people and train people something? Well, guess what? When you were a teacher you trained those kids and you taught those kids all those various lessons and you know how to have somebody learn a new skill.

4. They want you to be able to take notes and meeting minutes? Well, guess what?  When you were a college student you took notes all the time in your various classes and utilized those to study from later. And those are only a few small examples.

Importance of highlighting your personal skills and accomplishments

The point is in your previous jobs, in your careers, in your student experiences you have gained various skills that are used by business analysts. The key is to be able to highlight those and show the employer that you have those skills. You do that by highlighting them in your resume as well as in your personal Linkedin profile. And that’s excellent timing for you calling in a specialist from LinkedIn Profile Writing Services. Professional writers will create your perfect portrait, which will display your strengths and achievements in the best possible way.

Your resume and your Linkedin profile is your ticket, that is two key things to get you into the door with a company. You may be great at talking, you may be able to sell and present yourself very well. You may be able to humbly boast about some of your accomplishments but you can’t do. That until you get into the interview seat and show that company your personality and how much of value you would bring to them by hiring you. The key is the resume ans speaks for you, you need to make sure that the resume highlights a lot of the key experiences that you’ve learned, that tied to the job posting that you’re applying for.

So to come full circle, you can land your first business analyst position without business analyst experience by utilizing the skills, that you’ve learned in other areas of your life and highlighting them in your resume and Linkedin profile to get you through that initial process and get you into that interview chair, where you can sell yourself.