Business Intelligence Analyst

A business intelligence analyst is someone who works with business managers to help them make official decisions that will keep a business running and allow it to compete with other businesses in the same field. They use their company’s data warehouse to find information that will shed light on how the business is performing within its industry.

Many people who work as a business intelligence analyst either have a Master’s Degree in Business Administration or are a Certified Public Accountant. These qualifications give a business intelligence analyst more merits than they would have had otherwise. At minimum, an individual must have a bachelor’s degree in history, geography or world politics in order to work in this position. Business intelligence analysts are often promoted from a lower ranking position with their company. Many companies feel that promoting an employee from within will lead to better results than hiring an employee from another company. The theory is that a person who has been with a company for a long time has a better chance of understanding the company than someone who is hired specifically for the position of business intelligence analyst.

Obtaining a job as a business intelligence analyst consists of getting the right degree and having an interview and background check from a company that is interested in hiring someone for that position. This is what it takes to get to this type of position with any company.

The difference between a business analyst and a business intelligence analyst is that a business analyst simply studies the system of a particular company and the way in which that company was designed. Their job is less complicated than that of a business intelligence analyst. It is not uncommon for a business analyst to be promoted to the position of business intelligence analyst.