Business Analyst Interview Questions and Answers

Interviews are a major source of anxiety for most people – and with good reason. Your business analyst interview is often your last opportunity to make an impression on the selecting manager before a decision is made that could either start your business analyst career or send you back to the job listings. A major part of the anxiety most feel is a result of the uncertainty as to the questions that could be asked. You will have to think fast and on your feet. This may be fine if you are already a seasoned business analyst. For those who are not, however, there is a solution. If you can develop answers to the most commonly asked business analyst interview questions before the interview, you will be much more successful during the interview and will appear knowledgeable and poised. We have collected the most common business analyst interview questions and answers and have listed them below. Read them. Learn the answers. Learn them so well that the answer easily rolls off the tongue. Once you have done that, you can be assured of success during the interview!

The most common business analyst interview questions and answers

1) Describe a Business Analyst’s role in project implementation
2) Describe a situation in which a Business Analyst may need to communicate with developers.
3) When working with an end user during project planning, how would you determine the end user’s requirements?
4) Describe positive and negative test cases
5) What is a functional specification document (FSD)?
6) What is a technical specification document (TSD)?
7) What is a business requirements document (BRD)?
8) Identify the modeling and analysis techniques that are commonly used to create system requirements from business level objectives.
9) What is a use case document (UCD)? How does this differ from a Business Case and Security Quality Requirement Engineering Document (SQUARE)?
10) Explain the use of a Traceability Matrix to track changes
11) Compare and contrast the responsibilities of a Business Analyst and Systems Analyst
12) Explain the use of flow charts in project planning
13) What is a Use Case Diagram?
14) What is a non-functional requirement?
15) Describe your experience in leading projects. Describe your function, resources, processes, objectives and outcome. What did you learn from the experience?
16) How would you balance the functional, business and user requirements of a project?
17) Please relate your experience with the evaluation of existing business processes. What kinds of changes or modifications did you recommend and why?
18) How would you make a decision that would affect numerous competing interests?
19) Describe an experience you had in making a significant decision. What was the impact and eventual outcome?
20) What is the difference between a business requirement document and a functional requirement document?
21) Compare and contrast the roles of a Project Manager and Business Analyst
22) How do you measure your own success while managing a project?
23) How would you manage rapidly changing requirements and demands in a project setting?
24) Explain the process of establishing core requirements for a project